We target direct investments in lower-middle market companies in majority or minority equity positions. Our structure allows us to move quickly. We are big believers in well-disciplined processes combined with sound situational thinking. Our love of process combined with a lean investment team and a critical thinking culture allow us to move swiftly and decisively to pursue and complete acquisitions. We don’t waste your time and stand behind what we say.

  • We understand the needs of business owners and executives.
  • We have flexibility on structure, time horizon and risk management.
  • We act fast.  Our decision-making process and diligence is efficient.
  • We let managers operate autonomously.  We engage in board level discussions and are a non-intrusive partner to executives.

Added Northcut BNB As Our Homestay Investment

We added a series of homestay options in the Atlanta area and consolidated all under the Northcut BNB brand name. Northcut BNB provides short stay accommodation for travelers and locals.


Started Operations Out Of Atlanta As Parklake Group

We started operations in Atlanta to consolidate all the companies we have built to date.


Added Escape Transport LLC

Our client base grew and revenues increased in the transportation sector which warranted the incorporation of our transportation business Escape Transport LLC.


We founded EscapeNet LLC

EscapeNet was founded as a web development company building niche websites in various industries.